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The High Street of the Huntingdonshire village of Upwood
The High Street of the Huntingdonshire village of Upwood, Huntingdonshire


Upwood and the Raveleys, Great Raveley and Little Raveley, extend into the Fen country from the higher land to the north of Huntingdon. Richard Cromwell lived at Upwood House, a picturesque 17th century residence. The Cross Keys Inn and Carlton House also date from the 17th century.


The parish of Upwood was once the residence of Duke Ailwyn, who was owner of the manor which he gave to the Abbey of Ramsey on its foundation. It continued the property of the Abbey until its Dissolution, when it passed to Sir Richard Cromwell; it was sold by the Cromwell’s to Judge Peter Pheasant, October 20th 1648, and it came by heir-ship in 1732 to Leman Hutchins, and about 1767 came to Sir Richard Bickerton, Knight and Baronet, passing in 1845 to Richard Hussey Hussey, and in 1899 to Colonel Moubray who resided in the old house where Henry Cromwell resided in 1630, which is believed to have been built on the site of the residence of Duke Ailwyn.

The parish church at Upwood, the Church of St Peter, has a modern tower but retains much Norman work including the font, with a 17th century cover, and the chancel arch which has "settled" rather unsymmetrically. The north aisle screen and splendid chancel screen are of 15th century workmanship.

Great Raveley

At Great Raveley are various earthworks and moated sites. Buildings of 17th century dating include the Manor House and the former Three Horseshoes Inn, now a private dwelling. There is no church in this tiny village.

Little Raveley

The even smaller village of Little Raveley did have a correspondingly small church, the Church of St James, which has an Early English chancel and a 15th century nave. The church has closed and the building is now used as a private residence.

Upwood and the Raveleys is one of the parishes of the District of Huntingdonshire, whose administrative centre is Huntingdon, the other principle towns being St Ives home of the Chapel on the Bridge, St Neots the largest town in the County of Cambridgeshire, the Roman town of Godmanchester and Ramsey site of the former Abbey.

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Time for a rest

After twenty years of operation the time has come for the Huntingdonshire Websites to have a rest. The general public now spend most of their Internet time on Social Media like Facebook and Twitter and rarely 'surf the Internet' to use small independent websites like ours which I suppose is a sign of the times.

As a result of the incompetence of the major wesbites to keep user information confidential there are also some major changes to legislation occuring this year, namely the GDPR, that impose a significant administrative overhead and costs that will make it not worth while for us to maintain user logon access for such a small return therefore as of today all dormant user accounts for the site have been suspended and will be deleted so that there is no confidential user information stored on our online systems.

We are not going to shut the majority of the websites down but rather let them become dormant. This will allow time for those organisations who are still actively using them to seek an alternative presence on web and free up time for us to develop our other major website the British Towns Network. We will however be suspending immediately certain aspects, such as the Weather Station, as these are expensive and time consuming to maintain.

We thank those organisations and our many visitors who have supported us over the years and wish everyone the best for the future.

News Date: 06/04/2018 08:39

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Forthcoming Events in or around Upwood and the Raveleys

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An 'Out of Village' event in St Ives

From 08:30 until 14:00 on Saturday 21/04/2018 at The Pavement

An 'Out of Village' event in St Neots

From 08:00 until 13:00 on Saturday 28/04/2018 at St Neots Market Place

An 'Out of Village' event in St Ives

From 11:00 until 17:00 on Saturday 28/04/2018 at Hyperion Auction Salerooms

An 'Out of Village' event in Little Paxton

From 14:00 until 16:00 on Saturday 28/04/2018 at Queen Elizabeth II Playing Fields

An 'Out of Village' event in St Ives

From 08:30 until 14:00 on Saturday 05/05/2018 at The Pavement

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